On living easy.

Nouman A.
2 min readAug 28, 2022


I’ve been living easy the last 3 months. By easy, I mean being in your delicious comfort zone easy. By easy I mean not challenging yourself easy. By easy I mean sitting on your butt YouTubing and Instagramming all day easy.

After living this easy for the last three months, I felt, you guessed it uneasy. Because you can only go so long on this routine and not want to smash your head on the wall. When you feel like smashing your head into the wall un easy, you make plans. Plans that you should not make, plans you should not execute.

So I made a plan. The plan was to go somewhere where there is no cell service, deep in the mountains of mountains, where people still live in tents and wooden huts, and use horses and mules for getting from A to B.

8-hour bus drive, 2 hours jeep trek, and about a 3-hour hike later I finally met the un easy I was looking for. I caught the flu, it was a rough track, the road was never-ending, and the hike was nerve-wracking but in the midst of all this, I was happy.

It's crazy how sometimes you have to go to such extreme extents to make peace with yourself. The reason I had to go on such an ass whooping trip to catch up was that I didn’t sprinkle enough un easy in the day-to-day routine for the past 3 months. I stopped learning new things, running, working on my dreams,

Why am I telling you all this?

First off because to keep your sanity intact, sprinkle enough un easy in your daily routine. Go for a run daily, learn things that you want to learn, work on your dream website, and you get the picture.

Secondly, if you are a business, fulfilling your day-to-day orders is great but invest in the future. If you’re selling your services, look out for a way to sell products. Take initiatives that will need you to work AN EXTRA 4 hours. It will be chaos, there will be fires burning when you’ll be going home but it would be all worth it.

p.s don’t do it



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