GoDaddy’s new youtube ad would make you skip the skip now button

Nouman A.
2 min readAug 8, 2022


I was watching youtube for “research purposes” when I came across this new ad from go daddy. It was so good that I couldn't help but skip the skip now button, watch the whole thing and take notes.

It went something like:

“You might not know what SSL is but hackers do, and they hate it. Which is why you need it. An SSL is like having a bodyguard for every piece of data on your site. Get the strongest encryption on the market with SSL from Go Daddy”

Here’s why I loved this ad so much that I'm blogging about it.

The first sentence

I read somewhere that your first sentence should be so good that your readers are compelled to read the second sentence. When you read “You might not know what SSL is but hackers do”, you kinda feel concerned or scared or something that makes you say ok I don't know about SSL and hackers do so keep talking…


An SSL is like having a bodyguard for every page of your website

The sentence paints a picture in your mind of a jacked, mean-looking 6-foot 9 bouncer guarding your website door ready to throw them hacker out. Now you — a nontechnical person understand what an SSL — a technical thing is

Copywriting is all about communicating complex concepts in clear, easy-to-understand, and laymen's terms. If you study the copy of giants like apple, dropbox, and Yeti, you’d see they use metaphors to convert complexity into clarity using reference points and metaphors

Apple — This laptop is so slim it fits inside an office envelope

Dropbox — Dropbox is like a magic pocket, where you can store all your important stuff and nothing gets forgotten

Yeti — The closest thing to a mini fridge on a beach

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